Golf Club Grip Kit with 8 Winn Excel Copper Midsize Grips Set, 9 Pieces 2″ x 10″ Double Sided Tape , 8 oz Bottle of Tour Select Grip Solvent , 1 Durable Rubber Vise Clamp

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Featuring Winn's original Excel polymer material, the iconic Excel Series represents Winn's most popular and longest running grips. The Excel material provides amazing tackiness and cushioned comfort. It is also the premier grip for shock absorption and vibration dampening, making it the hands-down choice for golfers suffering from arthritis and hand fatigue for over 15 years. Get a great grip kit to easily attach the grips you buy! The Golf Plus Grip Kit is great for any golfer! From the Golf Plus Custom Shop, our grip kit is top of the line and made specifically for do-it-yourself kind of golfers. Whether or not you've regripped clubs in the past this all-in-one kit will ensure you have everything you need to easily regrip your golf clubs. GOLF REGRIPPING KIT FEATURES / WHAT'S INCLUDED: • Fifteen 2" x 9" grip tape strips more convenient than grip tape rolls. Double sided adhesive and guaranteed to stick. • 8 oz of top notch Tour Select Grip Solution. **Pro Tip – Wait until you are ready to slide on your grip before applying solvent • 1 durable rubber vise clamp with round cut that prolongs the life of the clamp by preventing cracking or breaking. Use it for all your golf club repair needs. • Works on any golf shaft material, from steel to graphite. • Can be used on any club type including wedges, irons, putters, and woods. • Made in the USA • Saves Money by Regripping Golf Clubs at Home / On the Go. The Golf Plus Custom Shop is a golf shop ran by avid golfers. We understand exactly what you need and when you need it. Regrip your golf clubs the fast and easy with the Golf Plus Custom Shop grip kit. You won't be disappointed!