Lightest Golf Clubs for a Man or Woman – 3 Irons Replace 9 – Walk the Course With a Fraction of the Weight ! Adjustable Iron Set – Walking Sticks Golf

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The Walking Sticks Golf Clubs … Adjust the lofts in seconds Absolutely NO change to your game . The clubs are perimeter weighted and perform just like a conventional set of irons Replace 9 irons with 3 Perfect for golfing while traveling Swing great , less weight Much lighter clubs leads to easier exercise which translates into a better golf game It comes with shafts . 3 clubs and a bag is a single unit Product dimensions : 3”x3” Box dimensions : 49"x7"x9" Height & Width of bag + 3 clubs inside : 39"x7" diameter

TREMENDOUS HEALTH BENEFITS . With The Walking Sticks you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced cardiovascular activity and exercise while achieving greater focus on your game and the course . When 55 sedentary middle age men played golf a couple times a week , over a 5 – month period they … Burned an average of 1750 calories per game Walked 5 miles on average per round Lost 5 pounds Increased “good” HDL cholesterol by 5% Shrank their waistline by one inch Lowered “bad” LDL cholesterol triglycerides by 4% each Cut total cholesterol by 2% Decreased blood pressure Became more aerobically fit Improved endurance in their trunk muscles Stuck with program


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