Renegar Golf – Tour Proto Precision-Forged Pitch Wedge, 46 degree loft, USA precision assembled

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Delivering quality short game products with real technology!! Advancements to improve the players game. "5-Step Precision Forging" process used with the RxF Wedges. This is a process that makes forged golf club heads using 5 different forged hammer blows to provide essentially the same finished precision as investment casting, but these club heads now embody the superior grain structure, great sound, and exceptional feel of a TRUE Forging (and NOT a casting or "Form-Forging"). The RxF Tour Proto Precision Forging is the 1st REAL STEP into MODERN DESIGN TECHNOLOGY for the SHORT GAME The results are impressive- better performance and versatility in EVERY short game situation. This Wedge is for EVERY player at EVERY skill level. Giving you extraordinary playability of a lowered leading edge with MORE BOUNCE!