Callaway Mack Daddy Pm Grind Wedges 13.0 True Temper Steel, 56.0, Wedge


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Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind WedgesDesigned By Phil Mickelson’s PreferencesThe classic tinkerer, Phil Mickelson teamed with Roger Cleveland, CallawayaTMs chief wedge designer, to create the Mack Daddy PM-Grind wedges. Among the motivations for the design was that Mickelson found in playing shots around the green that his impact point on the clubface was often high on the toe, especially from heavy rough. That being the case, the PM-Grind was designed with a higher toe and the grooves were basically extended all the way across the face to improve performance on shots struck toward the toe and/or higher on the face. Additionally, the clubhead design and the U-Grind that has been utilized make this a wedge that can be played easily from an open position, making it a great choice for flop shots and from greenside bunkers. In short, this is a wedge that is masterful around the greens. The PM-Grind is offered in lofts of 56, 58, 60, and 64 degrees and each model comes stock with a KBS Wedge Shaft, which weighs 125 grams. The Satin Chrome finish utilized has been designed not to rust.DetailsLofts 56A, 58A, 60A, 64A Bounce 10A, 13A Shaft KBS Wedge steel, 125 grams Click the Enter Custom Specs tab above for premium shaft/grip options Ideal For:Golfers looking for more versatility for shots played around the green. On the PGA Tour, there might not be a more creative player than Phil Mickelson when it comes to the short game. If these wedges were designed by him to help him play any shot he needs around the green, than they can certainly help you execute your short game shots better as well.Enhanced Surface AreaWith 39 percent more of the clubface having grooves, in addition to the higher toe and higher CG, the PM-Grind is a wedge that excels from deep rough around the green.Weight PortsBy drilling Weight Ports into the back of the flange, weight is saved and allows the CG to be positioned where it needs to be to make the wedge perform as intended.What They’re Saying…aoeThis


  • Forged High Performance Groove Pattern: 39% larger grooves for 25% more spin out of the rough.* Laser Milled Micro Grooves increase surface roughness for more spin and control. Pre conditions the face to add surface roughness after the micro grooves wear off.
  • This design lets you accelerate through the ball and go after every shot. You can get up and down from anywhere – even on flops, bunker shots, and out of the thickest rough.
  • Phil Mickelson gave direct input to legendary Callaway wedge maker Roger Cleveland, and they worked closely together on this design. They took a Mack Daddy 2 Wedge and grinded out the high toe shape, added the right materials, and had Phil constantly test it on Tour until the look and performance were exactly what he wanted.


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