Callaway Men’s Mack Daddy 3 Black C-Grind Wedge


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Callaway MD3 Milled Black Wedges3 Grinds. 3 Grooves. Get Up And Down From Anywhere.In creating the MD3 wedge line, CallawayaTMs engineers wanted to design wedge options that would work with different types of course conditions, for different types of shots, and for players with different swing characteristics. The end result was the development of three different grinds and three different groove patterns. In terms of the grinds available, the S-Grind (standard) fits the largest number of players by working seamlessly with different swing shapes and turf conditions. The C-Grind (crescent) is most effective for players who have a shallow angle of attack and a good choice from firmer turf and sand conditions. The W-Grind (wide), meanwhile, has a wider sole that makes it easier hit and a great option for players with a steep angle of attack. ItaTMs also a good choice from softer sand and turf conditions. As for the grooves, the pitching and gap wedges (30V grooves), the sand wedges (20V grooves), and the lob wedges (5V grooves) have different groove patterns to control spin, with the grooves becoming more aggressive in terms of spin as the lofts increase. The MD3 series comes in lofts ranging from 46 to 60 degrees. The Matte Black finish, a popular choice among Tour players, will rust with use and is a good option for players who are worried about glare.DetailsLofts 46A, 48A, 50A, 52A, 54A, 56A, 58A, 60A Sole Options C-Grind, S-Grind, W-Grind Shaft Dynamic Gold Steel Click the Enter Custom Specs tab above for premium shaft/grip options Ideal For:Golfers of all ability levels and playing profiles. There are MD3 wedges that are right for your game; itaTMs just a matter of properly identifying what you need for your game the courses you play. Once youaTMve made that determination, your choice will be clear and you can count on these wedges to perform. And donaTMt be afraid to use more than one grind in your bag, as that will better prepare you for any shot you might

  • Get Up and Down From Anywhere. The MD3 Milled Wedges have 3 grinds and 3 grooves to give you the versatility for every shot, course condition and swing.


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