WeatherWick Golf Club Iron Head Covers – Universal Fit for Most Irons and Wedges (Set of 8 Head Covers)


(as of 12/16/2017 at 13:51 UTC)

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There are 8 headcovers in each set of WeatherWick Headcovers, to protect your irons and wedges.

Our headcover is designed with ballistic-grade nylon, providing impact protection on the top and bottom of the club head.

The club face and back are protected by a tri-layered system of black fabrics:

1) Aero-spacer Mesh Nylon (outer layer)
2) Knitted Elastic Nylon for cushion (middle layer)
3) Polyester Elastic Mini-mesh Lining (inner layer)
These three layers prevent scuffs and impact dings, and absorb moisture off the club head to prevent rust.

Say goodbye to printed numbers on your headcovers, or messy dangling tags!

Each WeatherWick headcover is fitted with a .4mm gauge transparent PVC window that allows you to see the club number that’s etched on the foot of your clubs.

And the Elastic bridge at the opening of the headcover allows for quick, one-motion easy-on / easy-off action, along with a snug fit to insure the cover stays in place.


  • Advanced materials absorb moisture from club heads and inhibits rust!
  • Ballistic nylon provides superior protection from club head impact and eliminates “bag chatter”!
  • Form-fitting design molds to most irons and wedges!
  • Durable window allows for club choice without dangling tags or mismatched numbers!
  • Flexible collar for easy-on and easy-off!


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